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Mesenchymal Cell News 8.06 February 16, 2016
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Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling Determines the Vasculogenic Fate of Post-Natal Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Investigators used stem cells from human permanent teeth or deciduous teeth as models of post-natal primary human mesenchymal stem cells to understand mechanisms regulating their vasculogenic fate. [Stem Cells] Abstract
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Fibroblast Growth Factor-10 (FGF-10) Mobilizes Lung-Resident Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Protects against Acute Lung Injury
To better characterize the effect of FGF-10 on lung-resident mesenchymal stem cells, FGF-10 was intratracheally delivered into the lungs of rats. Three days after instillation, bronchoalveolar lavage was performed and plastic-adherent cells were cultured, characterized and then delivered therapeutically to rats after LPS intratracheal instillation. [Sci Rep] Full Article

Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Differ in Their Attachment to Fibronectin-Derived Peptides from Term Placenta-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
Since proliferation and differentiation of cells are modulated by cell-matrix interactions, scientists investigated the attachment of mesenchymal stromal cells to a set of peptide-coated surfaces and explored their interactions with peptides in suspension. [Stem Cell Res Ther] Full Article

3, 3′,5-Triiodo-L-Thyronine Increases In Vitro Chondrogenesis of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Human Umbilical Cord Stroma through SRC2
Researchers aimed to determine whether lactogenic hormone prolactin or 3, 3′, 5-triiodo-L-thyronine, the active thyroid hormone, modulates chondrogenesis in our in vitro model of directed chondrogenic differentiation, and whether Wnt signaling is involved in this modulation. [J Cell Biochem] Abstract

miR-214 Attenuates Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells via Targeting FGFR1
Investigators explored the expression of miR-214 in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) of osteoporotic mice. Next, they examined the change of miR-214 during osteoblast differentiation of MSCs. [Cell Physiol Biochem] Full Article

Antagonistic Effects of Insulin and TGF-β3 during Chondrogenic Differentiation of Human BMSCs under a Minimal Amount of Factors
Investigators performed functional analyses by inducing human bone marrow-derived stem/progenitor cells (BMSCs) into chondrogenesis with insulin, transforming growth factor-β3 (TGF-β3) or in combination, and found that TGF-β3, when applied concomitantly with insulin, significantly decreases an insulin-induced increase in mRNA levels of the master regulator of chondrogenesis, SOX9, as well as the regulators of the two major chondrocyte markers, ACAN and COL2A1. [Cells Tissues Organs] Full Article


High Content Imaging of Early Morphological Signatures Predicts Long Term Mineralization Capacity of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells upon Osteogenic Induction
Using the combined power of automated high content imaging followed by automated image analysis, scientists demonstrated that mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC) morphology after three days was highly correlated with 35 day mineralization and comparable to other methods of MSC osteogenesis assessment (such as alkaline phosphatase activity). [Stem Cells] Abstract

Profound Actions of an Agonist of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone on Angiogenic Therapy by Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Researchers studied the effect of the growth hormone-releasing hormone agonist, JI-34, on mesenchymal stem cell survival and angiogenic therapy in a mouse model of critical limb ischemia. [Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol] Abstract

Intraperitoneally Infused Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Form Aggregates with Mouse Immune Cells and Attach to Peritoneal Organs
The fate of the human mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells (MSC) injected intraperitoneal into immune-competent mice was studied. In vivo imaging was used to track green fluorescent protein-labeled MSC in the peritoneal cavity. [Stem Cell Res Ther] Full Article

Cartilage Derived from Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Expresses Lubricin In Vitro and In Vivo
Aggregates of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells derived from GFP transgenic rats were transplanted to the osteochondral defect in the trochlear groove of wild type rat knee joints. [PLoS One] Full Article

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Fate Decision of Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Adipocytes or Osteoblasts?
The authors review external factors and their signaling processes dictating the reciprocal regulation between adipocytes and osteoblasts during mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and the ultimate control of the adipo-osteogenic balance. [Cell Death Differ] Full Article

Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles as a New Approach in Stem Cell Therapy
Mesenchymal stem or stromal cells-extracellular vesicles (MSC-EVs) have been shown to improve functional recoveries following ischemic events, such as stroke and myocardial infarction, and to suppress symptoms in inflammatory diseases, such as in graft-versus-host disease. The authors summarize and discuss some current aspects regarding the therapeutic potential of MSC-EVs. [ISBT Sci Ser] Full Article

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Cytori Reports Interim Data on U.S. Phase II Osteoarthritis Trial
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. announced the top-line data as part of the pre-specified partial unblinding of 24 week follow up data from the company’s ACT-OA trial. The trial is a U.S. Phase II randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial designed to evaluate the safety and feasibility at 48 weeks of a single intra-articular knee injection of the ECCO-50 cellular therapeutic in patients with chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis. [Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.] Press Release

Mesoblast Cell Therapy Shows Clinical Benefit in First Cohort of Patients with Biologic Refractory Rheumatoid Arthritis
Mesoblast Limited announced results from the first cohort of its ongoing Phase II trial in rheumatoid arthritis patients who have previously failed one or more biologic agents. [Mesoblast Limited (GlobeNewswire, Inc.)] Press Release

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